5 Mistakes in E-mail Marketing

E-mail promotion is not just a tool for communication, but a tool that can be used to promote and sell products or services. E-mail is a weapon for online marketers. Why not add your marketing strategies via e-mail to reach many people in addition to offline marketing activities do you do?

The problem is, the more people receive e-mail, the less people pay attention to the contents of each e-mail.

So to be different, online marketers should strive to attract the attention of his prospective customers. The argument that they often say is, "If I shout louder and more frequent, the prospective customer will definitely listen to me."

Indeed, it is true. They might hear you. However, what is their reaction and their response to "flood" the e-mail? Will they be happy? Or otherwise they would say to send e-mail through the "Get me out of e-mail you and do not send more!"

Five of the following is a mistake to write e-mail campaign (should distinguish between e-mail promotions and e-mail containing the newsletter that contains articles of knowledge).

A. E-mail promotion is too long
Some e-mail promotions tend to be too long before getting to its destination. This causes the reader must do "scroll down". Therefore remember that e-mail address is not the only e-mail that comes in their inbox, and your words should be short and "to the point". You know the result? The result is little that send replies to you.

2. E-mail Campaign Demanding too Much
It is also often done by e-mail writers, their unsolicited offer a number of items or any product or service and not focus on the core supply and the recipient presented with a large selection of items that are not required.

3. Too Often
Some people argue that the key to e-mail marketing that works is the frequency. Therefore they send promotional emails as often as possible. Indeed, it seems that way. In traditional marketing in order to keep your advertising message in mind, you must often show as often as possible. And in offline marketing, they should be, but online marketing is entirely different.

4. E-mail promotion is not targeted
It is also common mistakes made by amateurs, because e-mail cheap, they forget the need to implement the strategy of segmentation and targeting of the relevant target market. The result is a potential customer you have absolutely no interest in your offer, it is the same as selling your heater in the wilderness and no one was interested would you bid, so important you do e-mail campaign to target the right market.

5. Writing E-Mail Promotions are not good
Reading well-written text that is fun and easy to read. Write down a clear, simple and respectful. E-mail writing campaign that bad is a big hurdle so that the recipients are reluctant to pour their attention on e-mail your submissions. Then give more attention to writing e-mails. Make sure you have good writing techniques, meditation and do not hurry. Inbox is a place that is personal, and that's where you can meet your prospective customer and talk to him individually.

So when writing e-mail campaign you do not follow the rules above then e-mail address will not be read. Principle, is not too much to ask for yet more to give. Shoot your e-mail carefully, make a focused and targeted on a single goal. Jump to a point in question and not rolling, rolling. Make sure the writing has a quality value, and the ratio of the contents of your e-mail is a 80:20 per cent. This means that 80 percent contain useful things, and 20 percent of your lists.

In other words, if you will respect the time owned by the readers of your e-mail, then they will extend the same by giving more attention. So do not make a mistake writing an email campaign, huh?